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    A powerful blend of dark tanning bronzers plus silky silicones are the perfect combination for touchably soft golden skin. Enhance your experience with black currant extract and green tea that will not only soothe skin but enhance your complexion for color so captivating everyone will want to know your secret. Fragrance: Wild Flowers
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    Fashionably Hot

    You have a natural flair to fierce style and the hottest trends. This heated natural bronzer will take your ordinary tan and turn it into everyone's must have bronze color. The power of natural bronzers combined with skin stimulators gives you a little heat for a dark golden brown hue. Plum, peach, and cherry extract keep your skin radiant and healthy. Fragrance: Coconut Mimosa
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    Summer Sweetheart

    Life's just right with the beach in sight and your Summer Sweetheart by your side. This dark tanning lotion brings your tan to life while extending that gorgeous color you worked so hard for. Enriched with super green tea and moisturizing extracts that soothe and calm irritated skin so it will be touchably soft for those long summer nights. Fragrance: Coastal Sunset Indoor/Outdoor Formula
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    Pro Tan Beaches and Creme Black Bronzing Butter deeply moisturizes and nourishes skin while achieving a deep dark tan with this creamy, rich body butter. Beaches and Crème Bronzing Butter is enriched with Carrot Root Oil, a powerful tonic to nurture and revitalize skin. Antioxidant rich Oolong Tea, skin conditioning Shea and Mushroom Extract help to provide maximum skin hydration, feel the Beaches and Creme difference.
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    Summer is my season when I have my Wildly Dark Summer Seltzer. Experience the delight and Exhilarating Black Bronzing color that will catch all the attention. Infused with Nectarine Extract, a wonderous little fruit plus Grape Seed Oil is the perfect blend for helping your skin maintain a more youthful look. Ultra Dark Tanning Formula moisturizes while tanning for a deep, rich color.
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