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  • Red Light Therapy over the Face, Neck & Chest
  • Renew Plus Collegen Lamps
  • Advanced Dual Phosphor Bronzing Technology over the Body and Arms.
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Product Description


No other tanning bed can compare with the versatility the Harmony Trio by Sunco. Enhance your look with bronzing and red light therapy. Enjoy our bronzing lamps for a softer, gentler golden glow. Renew with red light UV-free facial rejuvenation, for a younger looking you. Find out why the Harmony Trio’s bronzing, red light is perfect for you. Sunco offers the Gold Medal Warranty and with our quick easy financing you can own your own tanning system for as little as $1.50 per day. For more information call us at 1-800-382-8932 today

What is Red Visible Light or RVL Technology?

Red Visible Light Therapy (or phototherapy) in the wave length range measured in nanometers ( 600 – 700 ) region is Definitely a breakthrough technology. It was researched over 25 years ago as a potential medical treatment method in treating burn victims, or especially wound healing. And it was discovered as a natural treatment process for certain skin conditions escpecially due to aging. It is totally UV free! And has been found to help spefically rejuvenate your skin to feel better about your appearance. The natural red light waves not only potentially stimulates cell energy in the fibroblast cells but potentially speeds up the collagen and elastin production. It also promotes the oxygenation and restoration of the skin’s natural cellular activity.

Red visible Light has been found to have numerous benefits as a a natural non invasive approach to various skin treatments. Some of these advantages are unattainable by alternative anti-wrinkle treatments, such as plastic surgery, Botox injections, lasers or chemical peels.

Many Have Asked Is Red Visible Light Therapy Safe?
Using red light emitted is one of the few methodologies that gently and harmlessly can potentially help to reduce the signs of aging. RVL is free from ultraviolet light and are considered pain free – no healing or downtime is involved. It is well documented that invasive anti-aging procedures such as microdermabrasion, dermal fillers and other injections, chemical peels or laser resurfacing can have serious side effects.

The Harmony Is Truly a Unique Technology Combining XS Power Technology Bronzing Lamps and Renew Plus RVL Lamps.

Benefits of Red Visible Light Therapy!

  • Naturally promotes collagen and elastin production
  • Helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firms aged and tired skin
  • Smoothing of skin surface, reducing pore size
  • Moisturizes skin – a key component to a good skin care regimen
  • Reduces inflammation in skin conditions such as acne
  • Promotes oxygenation, detoxification and restoration of skin’s natural cellular activity
Style: Bronzing Bed – 15 minutes
Color: Champagne
Bronzing & Red 32 Advantage & Renew
Collagen Lamps: Plus Lamps
Face & Neck & Chest: 6 Collagen Red UV Free Lamps
Face & Body: 10 Pink / Blue Bronzing Lamps
Face & Arm & Body: 8 Pink / Blue Bronzing Lamps
Body: 8 Blue Bronzing Lamps
Total Power: 2840 Watt
Lamp Reflectors: High Gloss – Mirror Finish
Cooling System: Head to Toe – Total Comfort
Timer – Digital: Yes
Dimensions: H 37 x W 32 x L 76
Electrical: 120 Volt / 20 amps
Receptacle: 5-20R

Harmony Trio Features:

  • 26 Advantage Pink & Blue: Face / Arm / Body Combo Bronzing Lamps
  • 6 Renew Plus Red Light UV Free Collagen Lamps
  • 1,000 hr Lamp Life Bronzing Lamps
  • Styling – Sleek and Beautiful
  • Ultra Clear Acrylics for Perfect Bronzing
  • Maximum Airflow – Quite Comfortable Bronzing
  • SunCo Green Energy – Saves You Money
  • Safety Back Up Timer – Peace of Mind
  • Attractive Designer Pedastal
  • Bronzing Accessories: UV Eyewear, Bronzing Pillow, Lotions and Bed Cleaner
  • Premium Warranty – Enjoy Many Years of Unparrelled Performance
  • Conveniently Plugs Into 120 volt / 20 amp Household Outlet
  • Proudly Designed & Manufactured in the USA


I have studied the topics listed below. I have read and understand their respective actions and functions. By accepting these terms and conditions, I confirm that I consider myself prepared and willing to operate your Tanning Bed and/or Booth consistent with the LPI, Inc. User Instruction Manual. I agree that:

I have read and understand the content of the LPI, Inc. User Instruction Manual.
I have/will consult my Physician if I am taking any medications and have regular evaluations for skin cancer when repeatedly exposed to UV radiation.
I understand this product must not be used when open wounds or skin lesions are present.
This product will not be used by anyone under 18 years of age.
I will schedule my exposure sessions consistent with the instructions in the Skin Type Sensitivities Tables of the LPI, Inc. Instruction Manual.
I will use the timer to control the operation of the Tanning Bed.
I will discontinue tanning if I experience any health concerns, have had skin cancer, or family history of skin cancer.
I will resume tanning ONLY with the approval of my Physician.
I will use ONLY 21CFR878.4635 and 21CFR1040.20 approved eyewear and components as listed in the Tables of the LPI, Inc. Instruction Manual.
The tanning Bed is to be used by ONLY one person at a time.
All major repairs must be completed ONLY by an authorized service representative.
I will adhere to the instructions as stated in the Care and Maintenance Section of the LPI, Inc. Instruction Manual.
Prior to tanning, my body must be free of cosmetics, tanning lotions, and body lotions.
Prior to tanning I will not remove my natural body oil.
When tanning I will always wear 21CFR1040.20 approved eyewear.


  1. Trish

    These red light teraphy bulbs arfe superior to any other I have ever used in a tanning bed. These bulbs leave my skin feeling refreshed not burned

  2. Marissa Welkins

    Red Visibe Light helps to naturally stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and other proteins essential for youthful healthy skin. And It works! You got to try this yourself.

  3. Gorge Malchant

    A tanning bed combining two new technologies, Bronzing lamps and Red Visible Light or RVL.is a great idea and one worth investigation. My wife and I use it weekly and it does improve our appearance.


    Age is envitable due to our diet, health, genes, and lifestyles choices, collagen and elastin levels dramtically decreases. But there is new technology taht will replace those losses, especially face, neck and (upper chest in women). Don’t lose your youthful appearance and develop these common effects of aging: sagging skin, wrinkling, blemishes, and discoloration.

  5. Linda

    I wanted to get a tan but I read that although most of the health-promoting benefits of sun exposure occur through vitamin D photosynthesis, there are other potential terrible effects. But I wanted a tan. Now I want to report that I beleive there are other helath benefits that enhance the body with a controlled amount of UV. My daughter has no color and bad skin and she started using the bed and to my surprisse her skine improved and she looks and feel better.

  6. Carlos

    This therapy bed was $800 cheaper than the competitor model and I don’t understand why this is not announced onthe website pages !!!!

  7. Donald

    Our salon is called “FIGHT AGAINST AGING”, and this is exactly what our clients feel this bed does. They wonder that adding a tanning feature can actually be good for their skin, but the machine is making them believers. We love the machine and your staff for all their help.

  8. Henry

    Been tanning for many years and looked to this bed to add health and safety in my advancing years. I didn’t want to give up the experience and now I don’t have to. It’s become my way of life and it makes me happy. Thank you for years of service.

  9. Joni

    Loving this bed so far! Just helps my state of mind during the winter. Great source of Vitamin D. Would recommend! My entire adult family is loving it!

  10. Cynthia Cardwell

    I purchased a tanning bed here about 15 years ago and I love it. Ive gotten older through the years and a bit bigger and I should say always darker, loving my tanning bed. Was looking to get a bigger bed,seeing that I’ve got bigger . So happy to see the therapy bed, I have arthritis really bad, the eat helps from my bed but to get the red light therapy bed is wonderful. Loving ❤ these therapy beds.

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