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  • Black Mocha

    Advanced 200X Black Bronzers are carefully crafted for the darkest tan yet. Double Dark Chocolate & Coffeberry extracts nourish skin with potent antioxidants. Exquisite Marula, Argan, and Max Silicones melt into skin for an astonishing softness and glow. Your sweetest addiction! Fragrance: Black Amber Crystal
  • Advanced 200X Black Bronzers elicit an exotic and darkest tan yet! Queen Honeybee Bow-To-Me Butters provide lush conditioning Activatied Charcoal and Hawaiian Extracts give skin unparalleled radiance Fragrance: Tropical Rainforest
  • Bake with our most addictive chocolate yet. Black Chocolate Secret Reserve™ transcends beyond your darkest tan to a new level of bronze with a Satin Finish for an uncanny, soft, almost velvet glow. A delectable Cake Batter™ blend utilizes a Cashmere and Contouring system for unparalleled moisturizing with a taut & toned appearance. Rich Chocolate Extracts & Max Silicones are the icing-on-the-top, giving skin a healthy-looking glow with a heavenly softness. Fragrance: Modern White Amber
  • Prosper

    Serenity 9x Bronzing Blend features DHA and caramel to awaken your bronze potential. Golden Vitality contains a blend of melanin producing ingredients for a uniform, radiant glow. Clarifying Charcoal helps to detoxify and rid away skin impurities for an instant brightening effect. Fragrance: Spring Apple & Pear
  • Conceited

    Attract the attention you deserve with a dark, look at me shade of bronze. Spoil yourself with DS notorious 10x bronzing power wrapped in an illuminating base with an airbrush finish. You will look like you just stepped out of a magazine. Fragrance: Candy Crush
  • Salacious

    Magical Cream Oil Formula contains Passion Oil Blend for powerful moisturization and superior bronze results. Tantalizing 11x Bronzing Blend features DHA and caramel for an immediate bronzing impact and gradual color development. Empowered Empress Elixir provides a blend of micronutrients and rubies that work to invigorate and leave skin radiant. Fragrance: Wild Berry & Plum
  • Heartless

    Queen Bee 15x Bronzing Blend features DHA and caramel for an immediate bronzing impact and gradual color development. Melted Honey Butter Base provides a blend of beeswax, honey, and gold of pleasure oil that melts onto skin delivering long lasting moisturization for soft, luscious skin. Plush Silicone Blend helps to blur fine lines and wrinkles. Fragrance: Sparkling Starfruit
  • Provoked

    Tempting 15X Bronzer with Fierce Tattoo Protection
  • Ultra-Advanced Plateau-Busting 400X Bronzing Technology Cocoa, Coconut and Shea Butters blend for a lush and lavish skin conditioning Double Dip Souffle is a softness and darkness twice as nice Fragrance: Citrus Pineapple Truffle
  • Astonish

    Natural bronzers with caramel provide an immediate bronze glow to skin. Strobing Diamonds help to brighten appearance, diminish the look of fine lines, and provide a golden highlight to skin. Precious Pearl Infusion works to help rejuvenate dry skin, while hydrating coconut water, rich in proteins and amino acids, helps moisturize and improve skin's texture. Fragrance: Pomegranate Pear
  • So Shameless

    Heat Wave Sizzle Complex delivers a scorching heat with ginger and Tingle Power that aids in increased oxygenation for striking gorgeous color at an accelerated rate. Unrivaled 17x Bronzing Blend combines DHA and caramel for an immediate bronzing impact and gradual color development. Deep Blue Technology features turquoise to help complement immediate color. Fragrance: Pink Grapefruit Sorbet
  • Treasured

    Advanced 18x Bronzing Blend features DHA and caramel for an immediate bronzing impact and gradual color development. Whole milk-base formula fortifies your skin with calcium to help promote the production of melanin for richer color, while also providing tyrosine and vitamin B2 to help you milk every second of your tanning session. Fragrance: Whipped Pineapple Souffle
  • Envious

    This magnificent 19X Bronzer's Magical Cream Oil Formula contains black truffle with potassium and vitamins for dominating color worthy of any royal. Designer Skin ProBronze Extend combined with MelanINK provides the ultimate in instant and delayed color. Color Shifting Complex entraps UV light for your most dominant tanning potential. Fragrance: Enticing Citrus Blossom.
  • Reputation

    This 19X Plateau Breaking Bronzer was expertly designed for experienced tanners with an enhanced level of DHA to break through your tanning plateau to a new level of dark, superior color. Luxe Light Complex works to optimize your UV experience by promoting light to travel seamlessly to skin, while fortifying with minerals and amino acids for optimal melanin production and results. Fragrance: Raspberry Glaze
  • Visionary

    This Miraculously Dark Tanning Intensifier combines tyrosine with a powerful bronzing peptide to promote a natural glow and uniform color. Ethereal Moisture Veil drenches the skin in a layer of hydration that feels exceptionally lightweight and luxurious as it works to defend against free radicals. Mega Magical Silicone Emulsion blurs fine lines and promotes prolonged color. Fragrance: White Sands
  • Glow

    Formulated with Elite levels of highly sought-after skin perfecting ingredients that appear to shrink pore size, fight wrinkles, tighten, tone and contour the skin for a more youthful, radiant and hydrated look. For the crème de la crème of color, Step into the spot light, it is your turn to Glow Baby Glow!
  • Black

    Hit the golden jackpot & "color-up" w/ Designer Skin Black. This wondrous silicone emulsion leaves you feeling so lusciously smooth & soft that it practically melts into your skin. Bronze color so deep, dark & rich, others will pale in your wake. Experience the royal flush of tanning & skin care. For those in the know, bronze is the new Black. Fragrance: Refreshing Citrus
  • Adore

    Break out of the ordinary and slip into something fabulous! Put an end to color restrictions with this 21X bronzer from Designer Skin's specially formulated Black Label Private Reserve. Made for the most alluring, sophisticated tanners who demand dark bronzing power without the use of DHA. The exclusive Skin Activated Moisture™ Technology conditions deep, breaking barriers for the most irresistibly smooth skin. Free your inhibitions and let your ture bronzing potential shine through. The catwalk is waiting! Frangrance: Sweet Vanilla Musk
  • Adorned

    This Formulation will Transform your Skin and give you a Flawless Matte Finish Airbrush Tan while Tightening and Toning also helps to reduce the Appearance of Cellulite and Stretch Marks. Only the Best for You....We Don't Just Love You, We Adore You!
  • Color Vibe

    Ultra-lightweight dk tanning intensifier Maca Root and Whithe Charcoal Radiance Boosters Electric Daisy Contours and combats signs of aging Rose Bouquet Blend skin rejuvenators Tattoo and Color Fade Protection Repairs cell damage, increases collagen production Sparkling Plum Blossom Fragrance