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  • Fashionably Hot

    You have a natural flair to fierce style and the hottest trends. This heated natural bronzer will take your ordinary tan and turn it into everyone's must have bronze color. The power of natural bronzers combined with skin stimulators gives you a little heat for a dark golden brown hue. Plum, peach, and cherry extract keep your skin radiant and healthy. Fragrance: Coconut Mimosa
  • This banana & fresh breezy floral scented Herbal Moisturizer contains pure hemp seed oil & extracts that are rich sources of essential fatty & amino acids & nutrients vital to pro- viding skin hydration, nourishment & conditioning, while shea butter, ginseng & natural extracts help calm, cool & soothe skin. Your customers will love this great 12-hour moisturizer. THC-drug free.
  • Smokin Dark

    Add fuel to your dark tanning fire! This 20X Tingle Bronzer with DHA and hot skin stimulators ignites your tanning experience for uncontrollable darkness, while a nourishing blend of Coconut, Green Tea and vitamins leaves your skin feeling sultry soft and smooth. Enriched with 100% Pure Natural Hemp Seed Oil, this dark tanning inferno will leave you looking oh so hot! Fragrance: Tropical Flame.
  • Hot Tan Bling

    You know when that Hot Tan Bling, that can only mean one thing...dark, bold color is on its way. This Dazzling Hot Bronzer combines rich tanning ingredients with DHA and skin stimulators for fierce bronzing results while raspberry extract helps your skin look and feel silky, smooth, and soft. No need for late night calls when you have everything you need right here. Fragrance: City Sass
  • Pink Diamond

    A dark bronzing system with mild T2 Tingle and hemp. Enhanced with LipoCare, a triple action anti-aging and slimming formula.
  • Bombshell

    Enriched with White Tea Extract, Soy and CoQ-10, this "ultra-extreme" sizzle formula yields unsurpassed tanning results. Bask in the sensuous pleasure of this radiant bronzer blend while its exhilarating fragrance envelopes you. Fragrance: Kiwi Watermelon
  • Get ready for a smoking hot body. This Sexy Tingle Bronzer will devour your skin with darkness as a ravishing blend of skin stimulators turn up the heat. Powerful instant and delayed bronzers help to deliver deep, dark, golden color while seductive skin firmers help to provide a more tightened and toned appearance. What are you waiting for? Fragrance: Pear Berry.
  • For a dark color explosion sure to please the experienced tingle tanner. Jenni's signature skincare blend and anti wrinkle ingredients are blended with intense levels of tingle and bronzers for dark color and smooth skin. A new lotion for every shade of you. Fragrance: Unisex Spice It Up.
  • So Shameless

    Heat Wave Sizzle Complex delivers a scorching heat with ginger and Tingle Power that aids in increased oxygenation for striking gorgeous color at an accelerated rate. Unrivaled 17x Bronzing Blend combines DHA and caramel for an immediate bronzing impact and gradual color development. Deep Blue Technology features turquoise to help complement immediate color. Fragrance: Pink Grapefruit Sorbet
  • Ruby

    Tingle, Cooling and Gems. OMG. Prepare yourself for a fantastical sensory experience. Feel the heat of our Ruby infused tinge. interwined with spicy Capsaicin Fruit, the minute it hits your skin. Just when you think you cant handle the heat, Refreshing Emerald Cooling Essence with Licorice Extract will soothe your skin. Darkest shade of bronze imaginable. Fragrance: Fresh Camu Camu