Sunco Inc. 2015 Energy Ratings

To allow our beds to be more Green Friendly and Energy-efficient, we use 100% Fulham Ballast in all beds. Regardless of the price point. Fulham manufactures the most energy-efficient ballast in the industry. Below is a sample of what each Tanning session will cost you (based on National Average of .10 per KwH).

Tanning Bed Voltage Cost Per Session
Wolff 16 110VAC, 15A 3.8 Cents s1
Wolff 24 110 VAC, 20A 3.7 Cents s1
XS Power 16 110 VAC, 20A 2.5 Cents s1
XS Power 24 110 VAC, 20A 2.8 Cents s1
XS Power 24 220VAC, 20A 4.3 Cents s2
XS Power 30 220VAC, 30A 5.7 Cents s3