Downloadable Tanning Bed User Guides in PDF Format

The size of the file in kilobytes is listed to the right of each tanning bed below.
(The larger the file size, the longer it will take to download.) You will need Acrobat Reader to view these files. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, click here to download it free.

Note: Most of these user guides are from the manufacturer, ETS, and contain contact information for them. If you purchased your bed through Sunco, contact SUNCO for questions or service and not ETS. These guides should be accurate as of 2005. Legal Disclaimer: Sunco did not write these user guides and will not be held liable for any damage to your unit(s) as a result of following the instructions in these guides.

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16 Xpower (3058 kb) Solaris 336 (1037 kb)
SunQuest 16SE (642 KB) Solaris 442 (1315 kb)
24 X-Power (2507 kb) Sunstar 332 (1566 kb)
SunQuest 24RS (372 kb) Sunstar 432 (1569 kb)
SunQuest 26RS (372 kb) SS755 (5207 kb)
28 X-Power (3064 kb) Solarforce 648 (3784 kb)
Starpower 548 (1186 kb) Sunvision 28LE (1767 kb)

Once you find your tanning bed, scroll down into the “Parts Description” section
and look for “Manual”. Click on it to open.