Advanced Ultra Dark Natural & DermaDark Bronzer: caramel, annatto seed, and black walnut extract impart instant color to the skin, while tyrosine helps to stimulate melanocyte activity and melanin production for a natural, golden glow. DermaDark Bronzer continues to help boost color results after the tanning session for unbeatable results. Coconut Trio, a special blend of coconut water, coconut oil, coconut extract, and glycerin, conditions and moisturizes for soft, supple, smooth skin and a balanced, youthful complexion. ColorGuard Tattoo Technology hydrates and protects for more vivacious ink, while tea tree oil prevents after tan odor.
This refreshing and tropical fragrance pairs perfectly with Hemp Nation Sea Salt & Sandalwood to ensure longer-lasting dark color results.
Fragrance: Coconut & Sandalwood