5X Beacon Bronzer
DHA, Erythrulose, and Natural Bronzers
Color Correcting & Aquatic Cooling
ATO Inhibitor
Anti-Fade Tattoo
No Added Aloe, Hemp, Gluten, Parabens or Soy
Cool-Toned Brown Instant Color
Fragrance: Tidal Tonic – Citrus Spritz, Hibiscus, Coconut, Tonka &Vanilla

Seaside Skincare: Harness the power of the Seven Seas with marine inspired ingredients, specially selected for their skincare benefits.
Coastal Cream Oil Formula: Sea Buckthorn Infused Oil is ultra hydrating and is known to help boost elasticity for a toned appearance. Blended together with creamy Shea Butter, this cream oil formula provides intense moisturization and helps soothe and nourish skin, supporting a longer lasting glow.
Isle of Silicone: Journey to a secret place where miracle silicones wrap your skin in splendor. This blend helps form a breathable layer to lock moistureonto the skin and creates a silky after feel.