Solar Wave 24 Standard 220 Volt Tanning Bed

Solar Wave 24 Standard 220 Volt Tanning Bed


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  • 24 efficient WOLFF lamps
  • 20 Minute Tanning Session
  • Delivered 98% Pre Assembled
  • 220 Volts
  • Bronze Medal Warranty
  • Spread out and tan with nearly 30% more room with the XL upgrade!

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Product Description


The Solar Wave 24 Standard 220 Volt Home Tanning Bed has 24 tanning lamps in a comfortable, curved tunnel design that makes maximum use of reflected rays. If you are looking for a deep, rich tanning experience at home, the Solar Wave 24 Standard 220 Volt Tanning Bed will satisfy your tanning needs.

This model tanning bed will satisfy your need for an efficient tanning bed in your home. Powered with 24 efficient Wolff  lamps this bed provides you with 2400 watts of tanning power during its 20 minute tanning time. This bed will look great in any location with its contour tunnel design and its aluminum and steel frame. Sunco Tanning offers the Bronze Medal warranty and easy financing for this tanning bed.


24 Body Lamps

  • 24* efficient 100w Wolff® lamps
  • 50% more bronzing rays, double lamp life


  • 20 minute session time
  • Extruded aluminum and steel mainframe
  • Exclusively designed acrylic
  • Specially designed aluminum reflectors

Special Features

  • High-tech digital timer
  • Security timer automatically monitors standard time to guarantee accurate session time


  • 75.75″L x 35″ W x 48″ H
  • Recommended room size 6’x 7′


  • 220 VOLT dedicated circuit
  • 20 AMP circuit breaker
  • 6-20R 220v dedicated circuit


I have studied the topics listed below. I have read and understand their respective actions and functions. By accepting these terms and conditions, I confirm that I consider myself prepared and willing to operate your Tanning Bed and/or Booth consistent with the LPI, Inc. User Instruction Manual. I agree that:

I have read and understand the content of the LPI, Inc. User Instruction Manual.
I have/will consult my Physician if I am taking any medications and have regular evaluations for skin cancer when repeatedly exposed to UV radiation.
I understand this product must not be used when open wounds or skin lesions are present.
This product will not be used by anyone under 18 years of age.
I will schedule my exposure sessions consistent with the instructions in the Skin Type Sensitivities Tables of the LPI, Inc. Instruction Manual.
I will use the timer to control the operation of the Tanning Bed.
I will discontinue tanning if I experience any health concerns, have had skin cancer, or family history of skin cancer.
I will resume tanning ONLY with the approval of my Physician.
I will use ONLY 21CFR878.4635 and 21CFR1040.20 approved eyewear and components as listed in the Tables of the LPI, Inc. Instruction Manual.
The tanning Bed is to be used by ONLY one person at a time.
All major repairs must be completed ONLY by an authorized service representative.
I will adhere to the instructions as stated in the Care and Maintenance Section of the LPI, Inc. Instruction Manual.
Prior to tanning, my body must be free of cosmetics, tanning lotions, and body lotions.
Prior to tanning I will not remove my natural body oil.
When tanning I will always wear 21CFR1040.20 approved eyewear.

13 reviews for Solar Wave 24 Standard 220 Volt Tanning Bed

  1. Matrice

    This 24 XS Power Facial 220 Volt Tanning Beds is a commercial grade tanning bed. I am very satisfied

  2. Matt

    People that live in the Northern United States receive fewer hours of overhead sunlight the further away you are from the equator. Sunlight is component of life that can not be replaced, I listen the people talking about skin cancer and remind them that one of building blocks of life is sun light with out the sun rays, we die. One of the biggest issue with older poeple, I am 68, is that our skin gets thinner and we product a lot less vitamin D, so I bought a tanning bed because it will provide me the sun light that I need to sustain life, particulary with a winter like 2015

  3. Traci

    We bought a tanning bed for use at our ski lodge in Colorado and I loved it so much I bought a second one with 220 for my home. Great product well constructed and durable it has been moved now 4 times

  4. Melody

    My son has bad acne and the doctor wanted him to get more sun on his body. I read that although most of the health-promoting benefits of sun exposure occur through vitamin D photosynthesis, there are other health benefits that enable the body to get a controlled amount of UV. My son has no color so I searched for the tanning bed model that allows me to control the amount of UV exposure and this bed did a great job. It is very easy to control the dosage and better yet my son looks better.

  5. Superior

    We aer Superior Health Spas in Colordo. We wanted to pat Sunco onthe back and give them a good rating because they deserve it. We have bought multiple beds from the and the support and products are excellent.

  6. Jason

    Sometime reviews are phoony but this one is real. My bed was delivered and the case had been dropped in shipment. When it arrived I was concerned and call the office for Sunco. They responded immediately and had replacement in my hours with in 14 days- I am happy to say !

  7. Lighthouse

    We are tanning spa company with branches in 4 cities in PA. This is our 14 bed and when we need parts they are UPS in 2 days Sunco is good company to buy from and work with

  8. Susan Murphy

    What a great Christmas gift my husband surprised me with. No more running to the salon and the whole family can use it. A big hit with my teen agers.

  9. Ginger

    We had an extra room in our hair salon and decided to add a tanning bed. It has increased our traffic and the customers love it. Your staff made the addition easy and taught us just what we needed to know. It is hard to find that kind of customer service in today’s world.

  10. June

    We just added this model to our salon and have offered an all inclusive special to our customers. They love the quick results they are getting.

  11. Sinclair

    Moved from California to Montana a year ago, and missed a lot of sunshine. Decided on getting a tanning bed and made a great decision. Love the whole experience and it is now part of routine. Look and feel healthier. I’m so glad we did this.

  12. Tammy

    Great bed, great lamps, great convenience, great financing. This is truly a 5 star product from a great company. Have never given such an outstanding review on any purchase. It is a pleasure working with you.

  13. Shayna Edberg

    Pleased with my purchase! Spoke with a sales rep by the name of David Bryant on Thursday December 8th and ordered my tanning bed! I received a shipping notification on Wednesday December 14th! My bed was out for delivery on Friday December 16th! Loved the quick turnaround time! Bed arrived in great condition! I purchased the shipping insurance and 5-year warranty and received the upgraded inferno bulbs at no extra charge!

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