X Power – F73 RDC

X Power – F73 RDC


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  • 5.9% UVB 100 Watt
  • 800 Useful Hours
  • An economical lamp that packs a lot of punch
  • More tan for your money
  • Available in F59
  • New Lower Price!

Out of stock

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Wolff X Power
Advanced Tanning Technology

X Power Advanced Technology tanning lamps provide premium results without costing you premium price! With the exclusive X technology this lamp harnesses the Sun’s power to give you the most realistic beach bronzed tan possible. X Power lamps are rated higher than your ordinary bronzing lamp and have been approved and tested in Salons and Residential Beds nationwide.

This exclusive Wolff lamp has a 5.9% UV rating, utilizing a special unique blend of phosphor which is perfect from intermediate to advanced tanners. These lamps provide tanners with the capability to tan longer sessions, safely allowing you to take advantage of any 20+ minute tanning bed. This also ensures your tan will last longer and penetrate deeper, eliminating any “orange effect” or cheap tan from other ordinary lamps.

With the 1000 hour lamp life and special phosphor blend the Wolff X Power tanning lamp has become customer favorites that will keep that beautiful bronze tan performance for years and years. So whether you are just beginning your tan or have been tanning for years, the Wolff X Power is the lamp for you.

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6 reviews for X Power – F73 RDC

  1. Jordan Stitts

    The price is very attractive and I tought it might be legit but the delivery was fast the and the product excellent. Good value and maybe the cheapest tanning lamps

  2. Samatha

    I never write reviews until now. I ordered a case of bulbs and the UPS truck lost the shipment. I was worried and called the called sunco and you know they had replace bulbs delivered within 4 days Thanks and you deserve a pat on the back

  3. Tito

    You know money spent can not be rocovered. These lamps are the least expensive so many people assume they are of less qulaity. This lamp has a 5.9% UV rating, utilizing a special unique blend of phosphor which is perfect from intermediate to advanced tanners.Yes it is less costly but not less effective

  4. John Anderson

    This is the third time we have ordered these lamps, which tell you how happy we are with them, and the free sample kit is a real bonus.

  5. Susan

    We have been using these bulbs for some time and will continue to do so.
    we have been very very happy with their performance. They are a very good value.

  6. Barry

    We have been using these bulbs for two years and are very happy with the price and performance. Your service is also tops. We will continue to give you all of our business

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